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Subscribing to alerts

Using Forta App

You can subscribe to alerts generated by your bot using the Forta App subscriptions page. You will first need to connect your Metamask wallet and sign a message to authenticate. Then you can create subscriptions to a bot ID or a contract address. Forta App currently supports Slack and email notifications with more types of notifications coming in the near future.

Check out this quick video tutorial on subscribing to alerts:

Once subscribed, this is what a Slack notification would look like:

Forta Slack Notification

And here is what an email notification would look like:

Forta Email Notification

Using OpenZeppelin Defender

Alternatively, you could receive alerts using OpenZeppelin Defender, a security operations platform for Ethereum, which has even more types of notifications including email, Slack, Telegram and Discord. Check out their Forta integration docs to learn more.

Once you have your alert subscriptions set up, you are ready to learn about maintaining your bot.

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