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Compound Contest (10/20/2021)

Forta is thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Compound Grants to bring you our first bot development contest!

Below you will find five challenges. Each challenge has a specific security concern that a Forta bot can solve, provided by Compound. Next to each challenge is a link to a Google Form, which you may use to submit a bot you develop that meets the challenge requirements to the contest judges.

  • Only the first ten (10) submissions to each challenge that meet the challenge requirements below will be considered.

  • After ten valid submissions are received, the Google Form will be closed and you will be unable to submit any further bots, so work fast!

  • As long as submissions are still open, you are welcome to build bots for as many of these challenges as you can!

  • Each winning bot will receive $1500 in COMP tokens, and a unique Forta NFT which will be provided at a later date when our NFT’s become available.

  • To be eligible for a prize, you will be asked to submit a valid email and discord username through the google form, along with your bot.

  • This contest will run from Oct. 20th through Oct. 27th, after which no further submissions will be considered.

  • Winners will be chosen by a panel of bot reviewers from Forta community member Nethermind, and will be announced on Oct. 29th.

  • For any questions, please contact a Forta Moderator on Discord.

Check out Compound docs for more information on Compound Protocol:

Challenges & Winners