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Deployment & Smart Contracts

Security - Deployment & Smart Contracts

The Foundation has required deployment through GitHub CI and OpenZeppelin's Defender product. For off-chain assets, critical pull requests must go through a required review that upon the merge are gated by successful tests, node scanner software is gated through a state update in the ScannerNodeVersion contract, and smart contract deployments/changes are handled through OpenZeppelin’s Defender product and relayers and are controlled by multisigs. This process ensures that the Forta Network cannot be changed, even in the event of a security breach by an individual involved in any of the development processes.

Lastly, most of the contracts in the Forta Network are upgradeable. Therefore, if you are going to interact with an Upgradeable contract, always use the Proxy address.


Forta is managed through three main Gnosis Safe Multi Sig contracts:

The Council multisigs have the following roles:

Ethereum Mainnet

  • Forta Token (0x41545f8b9472D758bB669ed8EaEEEcD7a9C4Ec29): ADMIN_ROLE

Polygon Mainnet

  • Forta Token (Bridged) (0x9ff62d1FC52A907B6DCbA8077c2DDCA6E6a9d3e1): ADMIN_ROLE

The administrative multisig has the following roles:

Polygon Mainnet



Complete list of roles with a description:

  • Forta Token (0x41545f8b9472D758bB669ed8EaEEEcD7a9C4Ec29):
    • ADMIN_ROLE: General admin role granted to account with ability to set ENS and upgrade contract.
    • MINTER_ROLE: Role granted to account with the access to mint more FORT tokens.
  • Forta Token (Bridged) (0x9ff62d1FC52A907B6DCbA8077c2DDCA6E6a9d3e1):
    • ADMIN_ROLE: General admin role granted to account with ability to set ENS and upgrade contract.
  • Access (0x107Ac13567b1b5D84691f890A5bA07EdaE1a11c3):
    • DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE: General admin role that is set during the initialization of the Access contract. Most notable ability is to grant new roles to other accounts and/or contracts.
    • ENS_MANAGER_ROLE: Role granted to an account with the ability to set ENS reverse registration.
    • UPGRADER_ROLE: Role granted to an account with the ability to upgrade a proxy to use a new implementation.
    • AGENT_ADMIN_ROLE: Role granted to account with the ability to set the bot stake threshold, activate frontrunning protection, and enable and/or disable a given bot.
    • SCANNER_ADMIN_ROLE: Role granted to account with the ability to set the stake threshold for a given chain, and enable and/or disable a given scanner.
    • SCANNER_POOL_ADMIN_ROLE: Role granted to account with the ability to set the scanner pool stake parameters, set scanner node registration delay, and update the amount of enabled scanners in a pool.
    • SCANNER_2_SCANNER_POOL_MIGRATOR_ROLE: Role granted to ScannerToScannerPoolMigration contract to be able to de-register scanners from the previous system and register scanner pools under delegated staking.
    • DISPATCHER_ROLE: Role granted to account with ability to assign and/or unassign bots to scanner nodes.
    • MIGRATION_EXECUTOR_ROLE: Role granted to account with ability to migrate scanners. Role granted to a Forta controlled EOA, 0xe9a105b355A14D11eA3468410Dfe6B31998C8384.
    • SLASHER_ROLE: Role granted to the SlashingController contract to slash a stake subject.
    • SWEEPER_ROLE: Role granted to account with ability to transfer out tokens mistakenly sent to the staking contract.
    • REWARDER_ROLE: Role granted to account with ability to reward scanner pools. Role granted to a Forta controlled EOA, 0x15d3c7e811582Be09Bb8673cD603Bb2F22D1e47B.
    • SLASHING_ARBITER_ROLE: Role granted to account with ability to execute various actions in the slashing process. Role granted to the 2/3 Arbiter multisig, 0x044f6Db7F0ba9e5F0AccD797E2AD5B1bA4E1E853. Slashing detailed further here.
    • STAKING_CONTRACT_ROLE: Role granted to the Staking contract with the ability to increase or decrease a subject’s stake allocation.
    • STAKING_ADMIN_ROLE: Role granted to account with the ability to set the percentage of a delegator’s stake than can be slashed.
    • ALLOCATOR_CONTRACT_ROLE: Role granted to the Allocator contract with the ability to increase and/or decrease a subject's allocated stake amount for rewards calculation.
    • SCANNER_VERSION_ROLE: Role granted to an account with the ability to set a new scanner node version.
    • SCANNER_BETA_VERSION_ROLE: Role granted to an account with the ability to set a new scanner node beta version.

Contract Administration

Forta contracts are managed through OpenZeppelin's Defender product utilizing relays to manage smart contract deployment and maintenance.

Deployed Smart Contract Addresses

Forta Network uses smart contracts to coordinate registration and ownership of Scanner Nodes and Detection Bots (referred to by their former name of Agents in this release), the assignments of Bots and Scanners, the accepted Scanner Node software version and the economic safety mechanisms of the network via the ERC20 FORT Token.

To learn more, read the smart contracts GitHub repo, the documentation for the contracts, or the smart contract architecture diagram in the Design page.

Ethereum Mainnet

Name Proxy Implementation
Forta Token 0x41545f8b9472D758bB669ed8EaEEEcD7a9C4Ec29 0x587969Add789c13F64Bcc34Ff253BD9BFB78f38a


Name Proxy Implementation
Access 0x107Ac13567b1b5D84691f890A5bA07EdaE1a11c3 0xc855d842ff0af97b0d18cc81eecbb702ea1a0706
Agents (Detection Bots) 0x61447385B019187daa48e91c55c02AF1F1f3F863 0xb779fF917F824740Dd64C0568C346A4C918EF095
Scanners (Deprecated) 0xbF2920129f83d75DeC95D97A879942cCe3DcD387 0x75c46283dE6b08bE4bb4425b94aC338f2802e3B0
Scanner Pools 0x90FF9C193D6714E0e7a923b2Bd481Fb73FEC731d 0xF57ecf24d9Fd1CfA5cCF5BB46d8FF6aB49F5F9c0
Dispatch 0xd46832F3f8EA8bDEFe5316696c0364F01b31a573 0x5eED79eC2D48be67e6D956C59110f123116C3EAD
Forwarder -- 0x356A8ee5D3bCc183c2c7853F11D19f4C7622396F
Forta Token (Bridged) 0x9ff62d1FC52A907B6DCbA8077c2DDCA6E6a9d3e1 0xd6b3139108e271c812acc6ffebad28e935d61e24
Staking 0xd2863157539b1D11F39ce23fC4834B62082F6874 0x543D94657fA8C710818f0D9F7eDeC7F4Ca03CCDA
StakingParameters 0x587969Add789c13F64Bcc34Ff253BD9BFB78f38a 0xBe7AfebC79c40338B485a75792a510E32283fb70
ScannerNodeVersion 0x4720c872425876B6f4b4E9130CDef667aDE553b2 0xCFF69D7e4db098772c85831f4318A1897647488E
SlashingController 0x6927C25ff30ed86F86A863d987590A1d77509bDb 0xE7e33d453980e8023d54A70A40753bA7617B08F3
StakeAllocator 0x5B73756e637A77Fa52e5Ce71EC6189A4C775c6FA 0x3C8DA61348823A59df1C1c2265Cdb8a55f06b4f7
RewardsDistributor 0xf7239f26b79145297737166b0c66f4919af9c507 0xf87A30F7677f03982780a377C793c796FDAf52F8
ScannerToScannerPoolMigration 0x1365fa3FE7F52db912daBc8e439f0843461fee16 0xEBb33FD780757d745213CF57838c0E5b66D824Bc
General Plan 0x4e0c80548e67a6e05464e540729222eb9812444d 0x64a3328cf61025720c26de2a87b6d913fa6e376a
Scam Detector Plan 0x54089510aec879ca42e08bc4b166be8362b56bb2 0x64a3328cf61025720c26de2a87b6d913fa6e376a
Rug Pull Detector Plan 0x525d8d73f11a8586482f4f74c105d9d8b7cf73da 0x64a3328cf61025720c26de2a87b6d913fa6e376a
Spam Detector Plan 0x6453379cbc14f7a277319b6c8b7577ae78524968 0x64a3328cf61025720c26de2a87b6d913fa6e376a

Goerli Testnet

Name Proxy Implementation
Forta Token 0x848F1fF1fa76Dc882Ca2F3521265ba3F27e42158 0x86f09B8B8d0315Cca71a89953Aa3f7982a122eAd

Mumbai Testnet

Name Proxy Implementation
Access 0xbb12476ab9f27d3b441964B0aFC03D14a82e1D64 0xDCFC2E4037a5d5524A957D7771C6Fd328f1D8ECE
Agents (Detection Bots) 0x4519Eaeb9A5c1a9d870Fe35452E54AD04E6e8428 0x36b6b021CCE5cF26E9462dd3c76F835e12F636F1
Scanners (Deprecated) 0x569c785b4744e582c65a12827726fc03c8d08a4a 0x0FF4A7603EB4FB7A5c8D4cd25199046942fb968B
Scanner Pools 0xfD745747eC40B439feE9248Ae9D57EB846F7eBF5 0x075C9fbDa553e4D616dC301aEB5347fa42A79096
Dispatch 0x4B71C61400F5da35518DE10dEcd21D1Aa4d7f283 0x485F9c35d90E639f5B591DA5281199Ae59A9794F
Forwarder -- 0x4E29Cea6D64be860f5eAba110686DcB585f393D6
Forta Token (Bridged) 0x107Ac13567b1b5D84691f890A5bA07EdaE1a11c3 0x21b1b0f8e9182c92c2a81f43f305ce25994d9d57
Staking 0x64d5192F03bD98dB1De2AA8B4abAC5419eaC32CE 0xc02de30306d913C46610ae0ad5C296CE7D3060AE
StakingParameters 0x02304eC24ba2996a83F595D7cf80e5571a406EFA 0x22C74d1Ef9568EEc71E6EBe7b338A9E381eb99c8
ScannerNodeVersion 0x67D4d0654D6Ba56d41a7A6Ec8f33430c3d778201 0x52a53DCC546c09CECe279F5549d0958433912802
SlashingController 0xdc4A1Fe7D5c5546458463F6546bf6Fbe6a1a9704 0xc500d015E69721Ec3D29955EBF15bf9b8Ad832eA
StakeAllocator 0x4b4272E78ec45A08D91B495c690078e3B196904C 0x1064ac57d149CF99fCda690625676787C4C4Ad5a
RewardsDistributor 0xb23696793ffc58315Ed8e4c63cf1ef454a7479EC 0x253Eca8E7f01708b7dFD7277D814c33451A2211B
ScannerToScannerPoolMigration 0x1b2D1D6aCD3381d355dAa1133CFc1fe384917cC8 0xB983B38dd4620419E5214A3bFE2E7Ed827859586

Pause Functionality

Currently, Forta does not implement Pause functionality in its smart contracts. In lieu of Pause functionality, the contracts’ upgradability could be utilized to pause the contracts in the event of responding to an incident. Additionally, Forta does not incorporate the usage of Oracles, and therefore has no risk of Oracle manipulation attacks.


Forta has no implementation of a Timelock. Since changes to the contracts require an execution from the 4/7 Forta Council multisig, this process fulfills the need of a Timelock’s functionality.

Forta On-Chain Monitoring

Forta on-chain activity is monitored by Forta Detection Bots and feeds into Forta Network's incident response process. The following detection bots were developed specifically for the Forta smart contracts. The code is available on GitHub.

Forta is also monitored by the bots in the Threat Detection Kits.

Forta Off-Chain Monitoring

Lastly, several operational monitors exist around the performance of the network, such as latency, API usage, deployments, etc.