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Registry of scanners. Unlike agents, scanners are addresses that are expected to be able to send transactions. They could either be EOA or smart contracts.

Scanners can either register themselves by calling the register function or can be registered by an admin (SCANNER_ADMIN_ROLE). Admins are mostly useful for early migration. Registered scanners have an owner that supervises them and can assign managers. The extent of owner and manager positions is unclear for now.

Each scanner has a single "chainId" that multiple scanners can share. There is currently no workflow that allows anyone to update this metadata.

Similar to the agents, scanners can be enabled or disabled by:

  • admins (SCANNER_ADMIN_ROLE),
  • the scanner itself,
  • the scanner owner
  • any of the scanner managers

If the scanner Id is staked under the minimum stake, it can’t be enabled() and isEnabled() will return false, regardless of the flags

Similar to agents, each one of these 4 positions has an independent "disable" flag.


string version


constructor(address forwarder) public


function initialize(address __manager, address __router, string __name, string __symbol) public

Initializer method, access point to initialize inheritance tree.

Name Type Description
__manager address address of AccessManager.
__router address address of Router.
__name string ERC1155 token name.
__symbol string ERC1155 token symbol.


function getScannerState(uint256 scannerId) external view returns (bool registered, address owner, uint256 chainId, string metadata, bool enabled)

Gets all scanner properties and state

Name Type Description
scannerId uint256 ERC1155 token id of the scanner.
Name Type Description
registered bool true if scanner exists.
owner address address.
chainId uint256 the scanner is monitoring.
metadata string IPFS pointer for the scanner's JSON metadata.
enabled bool


function _scannerUpdate(uint256 scannerId, uint256 chainId, string metadata) internal virtual

Inheritance disambiguation for _scannerUpdate internal logic.

Emits ScannerUpdated(scannerId, chainId, metadata)

Name Type Description
scannerId uint256 ERC1155 token id of the scanner.
chainId uint256 that the scanner will monitor.
metadata string IPFS pointer to scanner's metadata JSON


function _getStakeThreshold(uint256 subject) internal view virtual returns (struct IStakeSubject.StakeThreshold)

inheritance disambiguation for _getStakeThreshold see ScannerRegistryMetadata


function _msgSender() internal view virtual returns (address sender)

Helper to get either msg msg.sender if not a meta transaction, signer of forwarder metatx if it is.


function _msgData() internal view virtual returns (bytes)

Helper to get if not a meta transaction, forwarder data in metatx if it is.


uint256[50] __gap