Tutorial - How to pay for Forta

Users can now purchase new plans on the Forta App.

  1. Discover all the premium plans available on Forta on the Forta App Homepage, you can also explore what is included in the General Plan on the Forta App.
    Step 1

  2. Click on any of the premium plans cards to learn more about that specific premium plan (from the bot’s performance, to the number of subscribers it has).
    Step 2

  3. Whether it’s on the homepage or on the specific bot’s page, you can click on the “Buy” button to initiate the payment flow from that specific plan.

  4. Log in to your account connecting your wallet to access to your “My Account” section (or sign up if it is the first time you are logging in).

  5. You will be redirected to the Forta’s Unlock checkout page to complete the transaction
    Step 5

  6. Please, confirm that the wallet that will receive the plan is correct or select a different one. Although optional, we strongly suggest you share an email so that any updates on the Plan you are purchasing can be shared with you!

  7. It is also important to complete the company you are part of (or you represent) to better understand how you will be using Forta. Please, fill in the company field if possible!
    Step 6

  8. Check that the plan’s price is correct and select “Pay via cryptocurrency”.
    Step 7

  9. Click “Pay using crypto”
    Step 8

  10. Next, a wallet popup will appear to approve the plan’s USDC or FORT payment

  11. Any purchased plan will auto-renew as long as you have enough approved funds in your wallet.

  12. If there are not enough approved funds, the plan will not auto-renew.

  13. Select the desired amount you want to approve (calculate additional funds required for future subscriptions) and click “Next”.
    Step 9

  14. Review the information and click “Approve”
    Step 10

  15. Once the funds are approved, you will get a new wallet notification to confirm the payment. Review and select “Confirm”
    Step 11

  16. Once the transaction is confirmed you will see the following confirmation and you can click “Return to site” to go back to the Forta App.
    Step 12

  17. After a few minutes you will see the purchased plan populated under the “account” tab in the Forta App.
    Step 13