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Deploying your bot

Once you have tested your bot locally, you are ready to deploy it to the Forta network production environment! Deploying your bot involves 2 key steps:

  1. publishing a Docker image, and
  2. registering it in the Bot Registry smart contract.

Acquiring Polygon MATIC tokens

The Bot Registry smart contract currently lives on Polygon mainnet, so you will need MATIC tokens on Polygon mainnet in order to deploy your bot. You can acquire some MATIC tokens by following this guide.

Enable logging (optional)

Forta provides a logging feature that can be used to see what's happening inside of your bot across multiple scan nodes. To enable this feature, you need to add/uncomment the following line in the bot Dockerfile:

LABEL "network.forta.settings.agent-logs.enable"="true"

After deploying, you can view bot logs using the Forta API.

Publishing your bot image

You can choose to deploy using Forta App or deploy using the CLI tool. You may want to use the CLI tool, for example, in your CI/CD pipeline.