Tutorial | How to earn developing on Forta

By default, any newly created detection bot will be automatically assigned to the General Plan. Anyone who wants to access your bot’s data, will have to purchase the General Plan and subscribe or integrate with your bot.

  1. Create a bot, deploy it and run it on the Forta Network. Visit the “Build on Forta” section to learn more about bot development!

  2. When deploying your detection bot, make sure the bot has a minimum stake of 100 FORT. Stake is important to protect the Network from spam and malicious bots.

  3. Voilà! The deployed bot is by default part of the general plan. The revenue you make on your bot depends on the number of subscribers the bot gets and the total revenue from the General Plan.

  4. Every week, the accumulated revenues will be transferred to your wallet - the one associated with your bot (aka the bot’s owner).

About Premium Plans

In FP-6, the community approved the minimum requirements and process for the creation of a Premium Plan.

Premium Plans provide paid access to specialized bots or data feeds, purchasable separately at tailored pricing. Any bot owner is able to submit a request to create their own Premium Plan(s) to include the data from their bot(s).

Premium Plan Minimum Requirements

A Premium Plan proposal must include the following information for the respective bot(s) in order to be created: - desired name of Premium Plan; - proof of bot ownership and owner name(s); - price in FORT or USDC; - performance information; - documentation; - compatible licensing (Forta Bot License 1.0 is compatible, but not required); - owner wallet address for fee receipt (on Polygon);

Creation of a Premium Plan

  1. You owned a bot that is running on the Network? You can submit a proposal for it to become a premium plan.

  2. Draft a proposal with the description of your Bot following the minimum requirements stated above. Here is one of the proposals that have been submitted to use as an example!

  3. Publish it on the Forta Forum on the Premium Feeds Proposals section by clicking on the New Topic button.

  4. Although your proposal is live - and will be taken into consideration for governance approval - make sure the community is aware of it by sharing it on your social media, the Forta Network Discord or reaching out to the Foundation’s team to get it posted on the official channels.

  5. Provided that a submission to create a Premium Plan submission includes all the requisite information, a Premium Plan can be approved in one of two ways through the community governance process:

  6. the Council approves the Premium Plan at its next Council meeting (for clarity, the Council may delegate any of its responsibilities as appropriate, e.g. depending on the volume of requests), or

  7. majority approval of the Premium Plan by the community via Snapshot voting using the FPP process with at least 1 million FORT votes.
  8. If the minimum requirements have not reasonably been demonstrated, the proposal to create a Premium Plan may not be approved. Any subsequent changes to a Premium Plan (including price) requested by an owner are considered according to the same process as set out above, subject to reasonable limits on change requests.


As always, anyone has the ability to refer any bot included in any plan (including Premium Plans) to the Arbiter Multisig under the Forta Network Slashing Policy if they believe a bot under any plan presents a security risk to the Network or is otherwise malicious.

Other Terms and Conditions applicable to Premium Plans

Assuming that your bot constitutes an original work of authorship under applicable copyright laws (software typically does), you should automatically garner the right to license the use of your bot as you see fit, whether on the Forta Network or anywhere else. With this in mind, the Forta Foundation funded the development of the “Forta Bot License”. You are free to adopt the Forta Bot License if you think it fits your purpose! Alternatively, you can adopt any other license you believe is compatible with the technical architecture and spirit of the Forta Network, or no license at all. However, by deploying your bot to the Network, other participants in the Network will act as if you are giving an implied license to utilize your bot in accordance with the protocol rules (e.g. nodes will run your bot, users may subscribe to your bot, etc).

Given that bot developers typically retain the intellectual property rights in their bots, it is expected that any bot developer could enforce additional licensing terms applicable to their bot and seek legal action against any users that violate their particular licensing terms.