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Welcome to the Forta Docs!

  • ⚡ Use Forta

    Access Forta's Threat Intel to detect Web3 hacks.

    Getting Started

  • ⚙ Build on Forta

    Build detection bots and earn recurring monthly revenue

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  • Run a Node

    Setup a scan node to run detection bots and operate the Forta network

    Learn more

  • 🏦 Network Fees and Developer Rewards

    Users that want to consume Forta Threat Intel will need to purchase one or more monthly subscription plans. Developers that create and maintain those data feeds get rewards

    Getting Started

  • ℹ Staking on Forta

    Delegate your FORT tokens to a Scanner Pool and get rewarded for increasing Forta network security

    Getting Started

  • 🛠 Network Overview

    Get a high-level understanding of the Forta Network, its governance, the FORT token and a security overview

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Got a question or feedback? Get in touch with the community in the Forta Discord server.