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Welcome to the Forta Docs!

  • ⚡ Subscribe to Alerts

    Subscribe to get real-time alerts on threats and anomalies.

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  • 🧰 Threat Detection Kits

    Start monitoring your favorite smart contracts through recommended and curated Threat Detection Kits for DeFi, Stablecoins, Bridges, NFTs, and Governance events.

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  • 🛠 Build Detection Bots

    Use the Forta SDK to start detecting on-chain events of interest

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  • Run a Scan Node

    Setup a scan node to run detection bots and operate the Forta network

    Scanner quick start

  • 🔍 Query the Forta API

    Use the Forta GraphQL API to integrate alerts right into your project

    Use the API

  • ℹ Learn How Forta Works

    Get a high-level understanding of Forta and learn how it works

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Got a question or feedback? Get in touch with the community in the Forta Discord server.