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Welcome to the Forta Docs!

  • ⚡ Using Forta

    Access Forta's Threat Intel to detect Web3 hacks.

    Learn How to Use Forta

  • ⚙ Integrate With the API

    Query Forta's data via the Forta API to detect hacks and scams.

    Start building

  • 🛠 Build Detection Bots

    As a developer, you can use a suite of tools to develop new detection bots.

    Bots quick start

  • Run a Scan Node

    Setup a scan node to run detection bots and operate the Forta network.

    Learn more

  • 🏦 Delegate FORT token

    Delegate your FORT tokens to a Scanner Pool and get rewarded for increasing Forta network security.

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  • ℹ About Forta

    Get a high-level understanding of Forta and learn how it works.

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Got a question or feedback? Get in touch with the community in the Forta Discord server.