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Getting Started

Welcome to the Forta Network! We’re excited you’re here.

The Forta Network monitors on-chain activity in real-time, detecting threats and other security-related events. The network is made up of thousands of detection bots developed by a community of Web 3 developers and security experts. Each bot acts like a little security camera monitoring something specific on-chain. What the Forta Network detects is a direct result of the bots being run. Some bots monitor generic threats (i.e. phishing attacks), and others monitor protocol-specific activity (i.e. Lido).

The output of all this monitoring and detection is what we refer to as threat intelligence - data that tells you the “who, what, when, where and how” about Web3 threats and security events.

There are two primary users of the Forta Network:

  • Consumers, who use threat intel generated by the network. You might be a Web3 wallet, a DeFi protocol, or a centralized exchange looking for the latest threat intel to protect your customers.
  • Developers, who create and maintain detection bots. You might be an engineer interested in contributing to the overall security of Web3, or a DeFi core dev interested in using Forta to monitor your protocol.

You may be a consumer, a developer, or both!


As a consumer, you can access threat intel from individual bots, or use Forta’s curated Threat Intel Feeds, which provide easy access to threat intel from a bundle of underlying bots. Bots included in the curated Threat Intel Feeds have met certain performance and precision requirements, are actively maintained and have higher staking requirements.

There are two curated Threat Intel Feeds today:

  • Scam Detector: an ideal source of intel about threats impacting end users (phishing, rug pulls, etc.). Users of the Scam Detector include Web3 wallets, end-user security tools, centralized exchanges, crypto compliance platforms and many others. Learn More and Integrate with the API.
  • Attack Detector: a real-time feed of alerts about smart contract exploits impacting DeFi protocols and bridges. Learn More and Subscribe.

You can also explore the 1,000+ individual bots running on the network using the Forta Explorer.


As a developer, you can use a suite of tools to develop new detection bots.

  • Build Detection Bots with the SDK: Use the flexible Forta SDK to develop customized Detection Bots for your monitoring needs. Get started here.
  • Build Detection Bots with the Bot Wizard: Create and deploy a Detection Bot through a UI, no code required. Learn how to create your custom bot.
  • Commission Bots to the Community: Get connected to community members and development partners who have vast experience developing taylormade bots based on your requirements. Reach out to [email protected] for more details.