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Getting Started

Welcome to the Forta Network! We’re excited you’re here.

The Forta Network monitors on-chain activity in real-time, detecting threats, security-related events and other noteworthy activity. The network is made up of thousands of detection bots developed by a community of Web3 developers and security experts. Each bot acts like a little security camera monitoring something specific on-chain. Some bots monitor generic threats (i.e. phishing attacks, rug pulls), and others monitor protocol-specific activity (i.e. Lido, Compound).

The output from all this monitoring and detection is what we call threat intelligence - data that tells you the “who, what, when, where and how” about threats and security events.

There are two primary actors in the Forta Network:

  • Users, who consume threat intel generated by the network. Users could be Web3 wallets, DeFi protocols, or centralized exchanges looking for the latest threat intel to protect their customers.
  • Developers, who create and maintain detection bots. They could be a leading Web3 security team, an independent security researcher or a DeFi core dev using Forta to monitor their protocol.


Users can access threat intel generated by any bot on the network. Certain bots the community feels are particularly high value have been packaged up into Premium Feeds, like the Scam Detector. Premium Feeds are owned and maintained by one or more reputable community members (teams and/or individuals) and must meet certain requirements for performance and precision. The price for each Premium Feed is set by the owner. Intel from the other bots on the network can be accessed under the network’s General subscription plan option.

You can see all the Premium Feeds <here>. You can also browse the 1,000+ other bots on the network here.

Intel from Premium Feeds and individual bots can be accessed either through Forta’s GraphQL API (pull) or by subscribing to a bot directly (push) to receive notifications via email, Slack, or Telegram, among other options. Purchasing one or more network subscriptions allows you to access both options.


Developers can use a suite of tools to build new detection bots.

  • Build Detection Bots with the SDK: Use the flexible Forta SDK to develop customized Detection Bots for your monitoring needs. Get started here.

  • Build Detection Bots with the Bot Wizard: Create and deploy a Detection Bot through a UI, no code required. Learn how to create your custom bot.

  • Want to outsource your bot development? Get connected to community members with experience developing custom bots. Reach out to [email protected] for more details.