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FORT token

How is the FORT token used in Forta?

To ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data provided by the network, Forta plans to adopt a work token model, where node runners must stake FORT tokens in order to broadcast real-time security and operational data to the network, and anyone may stake FORT Tokens in order to signal detection bot quality in the network.

FORT is an ERC-20 token that has two primary uses that are indispensable to the proper functioning of the network:

  1. Node Runner Staking. Node runners must deposit FORT tokens to be discoverable in the network and to provide economic security for the work they are performing, since the staked FORT can be slashed if nodes fail to execute their assigned work or perform their work maliciously. Once FORT is staked, it may only be withdrawn subject to a thawing period, which provides ample opportunity for verification and dispute resolution.
  2. Detection Bot Signaling. Developers may stake FORT tokens on bots, signaling bot quality to the network and also providing a sSybil resistance mechanism. Having fake or low quality bots on the network makes it harder to find the best risk detection offerings. Detection bots with higher signal will also be afforded additional node resources to increase security, reliability, and performance.

In the future, community governance over the Forta network is intended to be moved on-chain, and the FORT Token can also be used by the community to autonomously govern the network.

How can I obtain FORT tokens?

FORT tokens are not publicly available at this time. However, the Forta Foundation will soon announce the start of the Fortification Phase, when anyone in the Forta community may apply to run a scan node and participate in testing the decentralized Forta network using the FORT token, subject to certain eligibility criteria. While the network will be fully functional and the tokens will have immediate utility, all FORT tokens distributed during the Fortification Phase will be subject to technological transfer restrictions that only permit the token to be used within the Forta network.

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