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Introduction to Subscription Tiers

The Forta Network’s intelligence is generated by hundreds of bots maintained by developers around the globe. With the implementation of fees and developer rewards, developers can earn subscription revenue from their bots. 100% of network subscription revenue flows back to the bot developers.

Subscription to the Forta Network is currently available in 2 options; the General Plan and the Premium Plan. Currently, the General Plan costs 250 FORT per month and will provide subscribers with access to all bots except those designated as Premium Feeds, which are individually priced. Users can purchase a subscription by connecting their wallet to the Forta App and the transaction will be facilitated by the Unlock Protocol.

General Plan

The General Plan provides users with the ability to access 99%+ of the bots available on the Network, you can browse the available bots here. Developers interested in building their own detection bot and start earning rewards can check out the developer page here.

Premium Feeds

Premium Feeds provide users with the ability to access specific feeds that must meet certain requirements as outlined in FP-6. In order for a feed to be included as a Premium Feed, they must undergo approval by the Forta Governance Council or request a community Snapshot vote. More information on that can be found here. Premium Feeds are individually priced by their developers in either USDC or FORT.

The currently available Premium Feeds are:

Scam Detector: This feed is maintained by the Forta Foundation, in collaboration with the Forta community, including Blocksec and Nethermind.

Spam Detector: This feed is built and maintained by Artem Kovalchuk, a Forta community developer.

Rull Pull Detector: This feed is built and maintained by Solidus Labs.