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How to contribute

Thank you for being a part of the Forta network! All contributions from the community are valuable and encouraged. Getting the community involved is essential to Forta's success and there are many ways to contribute even without having to write any code. Here are just a few ideas, but you're welcome to submit any more you think of!

Join the Forta Discord

One of the best ways to contribute is to just be a positive and helpful member of the Forta Discord community. Participating in the conversation to help answer questions or contribute ideas/advice is extremely valuable, including feedback on how to improve the product and UX. If you have a good understanding of Forta, helping others when they have a question or get stuck is an excellent way to grow the community.

Spread the word

Runtime blockchain security is a relatively new concept and many people do not know that such a tool is available. If you are aware of a project that is looking to improve their security, has suffered a recent exploit or just needs to build a first line of defense, let them know about Forta! You can also share the Forta bot development contests on your social media to spread awareness, get people involved and earn crypto prizes.

Use the tools

Helping test the following tools by simply using them is a great way to contribute:

  • Forta App: Deploy new bots and subscribe to alerts.
  • Forta App: Monitor bots and alerts.
  • Forta API: Integrate alerts into your monitoring tools or dApps.

See a bug or have an idea for improvement? Share it in Discord!

Improve the documentation

Documentation is one of the most important parts of the Forta ecosystem as it onboards new community members and helps users when troubleshooting. Going through the tutorials and reporting typos or parts that are confusing is a helpful way to contribute. This documentation site is opensource and available on Github. See something missing? You can add to the docs by submitting a pull request against the repository (by forking it).

Develop the SDK

Are you a skilled Javascript, Typescript or Python developer? You can help build out the Forta SDK and developer tools. The SDK and CLI are opensource and available on Github. Got an idea to improve the developer workflow? You can submit a pull request against the repository (by forking it). Reporting or fixing bugs and making suggestions for code improvements are also fantastic ways to contribute.

Share useful libraries

Have you written an awesome library to help you develop bots? Sharing such tools and libraries helps the community also improve their bots. If you have identified a common pattern when writing your bots, you could share a set of templates that others can use to speed up their bot development process. Check out the useful libraries page to see what is currently recommended.

Run a scan node

Scan nodes are a key piece of Forta infrastructure as they help run bots and share any alerts. A great way to expand the network is to run your own scan node and create bandwidth for more bots to run.

Analyze historical alerts

There’s a unique opportunity for the community to take advantage of the open data and collaborate on new data science and machine learning solutions together. For example, the community can begin to extract trends and insights from historical alerts that may be helpful to improving blockchain security. And with the right tools and data, Forta can also begin to detect threats and exploits before they happen with increasing accuracy over time.

Do you need access to historical alerts soon for data analysis or for your bot? If so, check out Forta API.