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This version of the Forta token is living on the child chain. That would be: - Polygon for production - Mumbai for testing

When tokens are deposited from the root chain, the childChainManagerProxy will call the {deposit} function, which will mint corresponding tokens on the child chain. The total supply on the side chain is expected to match the amount of locked tokens on the parent chain.

In order to bridge tokens back from the child chain to the parent chain, any user can call either the {withdraw} or the {withdrawTo} function. This will burn tokens here, emitting a burn event (Transfer event from the user to address(0)) in the process. This burn event is needed to trigger unlocking the corresponding tokens on the parent chain.


address childChainManagerProxy


error DepositOnlyByChildChainManager()


constructor(address _childChainManagerProxy) public


function initialize(address admin) public

Initializer method, access point to initialize inheritance tree.

Name Type Description
admin address address that will be ADMIN_ROLE.


function deposit(address user, bytes depositData) external

To avoid token locked on the parent chains not being correctly represented on the child chain, this should NEVER revert (exception: _mint can revert if totalSupply() <= _maxSupply()).

Name Type Description
user address the destination address for the tokens.
depositData bytes encoded data sent by the bridge.


function withdraw(uint256 amount) external

Burns tokens in L2 so Polygon's PoS bridge will unlock them in L1.

Name Type Description
amount uint256 of tokens to send to L1


function withdrawTo(uint256 amount, address receiver) external

In order for a token holder on the child chain to be able to withdraw tokens to another address on the parent chain, this function will temporarily transfer the tokens to the address of the receiver on the parent chain so that the burn event is correct.

Name Type Description
amount uint256 of tokens to send to L1
receiver address destination address in L1


function version() external pure returns (string)

Contract version

Since FortaCommon is IVersioned, Forta is deployed in L1 and FortaBridgedPolygon in L2, we need to implement the interface with a method instead of immutable variable.

Name Type Description
[0] string version of FORT deployed in L2


uint256[49] __gap