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Bridging FORT tokens

You may need to bridge your FORT tokens from Ethereum to Polygon in order to stake on scan nodes or detection bots. This page will describe how to bridge your FORT tokens.

  1. Go to and click on Polygon Bridge Polygon Bridge
  2. Log in by connecting your wallet Connect wallet
  3. Click "Deposit" and then click the dropdown list of tokens Deposit
  4. You may see the FORT token is not displayed. Click on "Manage token list" Manage token list
  5. Click on "Tokens", paste the FORT contract address (0x41545f8b9472D758bB669ed8EaEEEcD7a9C4Ec29) and then click "Add FORT" Add FORT
  6. You will now be able to find FORT in the list of tokens. Click on FORT Select FORT
  7. Select the amount of FORT you want to bridge and then click "Transfer" to bridge your tokens to Polygon Transfer FORT