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Example Use Cases

The Forta API will allow protocols, DAOs, investors, and the community to integrate alerts in dApps and tools. There are many use cases for this, but here are three examples to give you a better idea of how this API can be used.

You can also learn about these three examples and one Forta community member's API integration in the following youtube videos:

1. Strengthen Protocol Security

As a protocol developer...

Let’s say you developed a bot that monitors critical events on the protocol, but the bot has been emitting a lot of noisy alerts. To reduce noisy alerts, you can:

  1. Query the API for past alerts
  2. Analyze your bot's alerting rate
  3. Tweak alerting threshold or logic

Or you can also develop more complex mitigation scripts that:

  1. Query the API for specific bots' alerts
  2. Automate smart contract operations based on the received alerts

2. Reduce Phishing Attacks

As a dApp developer, you can:

  1. Notify users of potential threats and governance changes in the dApp.
  2. Build out an extension to wallets like Metamask to display warnings about a particular wallet address or smart contracts users are about to interact with.
  3. Build a smart contract safety checker tool.

This is all possible by querying the API for alerts across bots that are associated with specific wallets and/or smart contracts at different points in time.

3. Make Informed Financial Decisions

As a financial analyst, you may want to analyze several blockchain projects’ alerts and identify trends before making any investment decisions.

As an insurance protocol, you can decide whether to provide coverage or process claims for a particular smart contract by analyzing its alerts to gauge its security.