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Receive Forta Alerts

Forta comprises a decentralized network of independent node operators that scan all transactions and block-by-block state changes for threats and anomalies. When an issue is detected, scan nodes send alerts to subscribers, which enables them to take action.

A Detection Bot analyzes all transactions and blocks from a network, executes custom logic, then emits information to Forta in the form of Alerts.

The network features both generic bots which monitor the broad ecosystem, as well as customized bots built for specific protocols. Please find below the best option for your case:

Types of Coverage

Subscribe to existing Forta Detection Bots

Attack Detector Feed

A Detection Bot that combines past alerts under a common address to emit a high precision alert of an attack.

Suspicious Events Feed

Curated feed of generic Detection Bots that monitor for a broad set of attack patterns for the smart contracts you select.

Discover Page

Get inspired and subscribe to customized Detection Bots which top protocols use for their operational and security monitoring

Bot Search Page

Find any Detection Bot in the Network

Get Customized Monitoring

Develop a Detection Bot with the SDK

Use the flexible Forta SDK to develop customized Detection Bots for your monitoring needs

No Code Bot Creation - Bot Wizard

Create and deploy a Detection Bot through a UI, without the need for any coding

Commission Bots to the Community

Get connected to community members and development partners who have vast experience writing Detection Bots that can develop taylormade bots based on your requirements.

Integrate with the Forta API

Query Forta’s GraphQL API to get access to alerts and blockchain projects data.