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Luabase Access

What is Luabase?

Luabase is a SQL-based data platform that makes it easy to query blockchain data and Forta alerts. You can use their SQL interface or API to query alerts older than 1 day.

You can also do the following with Luabase:

  • Execute a SQL query or kick-off bulk data operations with their API.
  • Create data visualizations in a Jupyter-like notebook environment and share with colleagues.
  • Connect Luabase with Metabase to build dashboards.
  • Query and send data to destinations such as S3, GCS, Slack, etc.

For more details on the full list of features they offer, check out Luabase's docs.

How to access Luabase?

  1. Create an account on Luabase.
  2. To support bot development, Forta created a special research license that allows researchers and bot devs to use Luabase for free with elevated usage limits. To get access, please fill out this form.

How to access Forta Alerts in Luabase?

  1. After you sign-in, click on the magnifying glass icon to access the Schema-Browser.
  2. Select forta in the drop-down, and you'll see the data schema for Forta alerts on all chains.

    Forta Community

  3. To create a new notebook, select the folder icon and start querying!